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We produce beautiful bouquets of fresh and dried cut flowers, and punnets of edible flowers, sold through individual orders or flower shares.

Sign up to our Flower Share and you will receive a beautiful bunch of flowers each week for ten weeks within the main flowering season (June – September). All our flowers are ecologically grown on the farm and will be the best of what’s in bloom. We love seeing how the flowers change from week to week, shaped by the weather, the soil and the hours of sunlight throughout the season. We deliver to Chagford and surrounding villages.


Dried flowers bring the flower field into your home, even in the depth of winter. I am slightly obsessed with drying flowers and in the autumn every available eave is full with hanging blooms. We grow a range of flowers that are particularly suited to drying, such as helichrysums, statice and winged everlasting.   We sell dried flower bouquets, wreaths, garlands and bundles for crafting with.


So many flowers are not only beautiful to look at but edible too. We grow a wide range of these beauties. You can add them to your ‘Fare of the Field’ salad orders or buy them separately by the punnet. They can be used to decorate cakes, salads, cocktails or whatever takes your fancy.  Our range of edible flowers changes throughout the season but includes; calendula, violas, borage, mallows, dahlias, cornflowers, dianthus, gladiolus and roses.   Please get in touch if you would like to order some. 

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