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Fare of the Field has evolved over years of mainly women and babies, gathering at the Chagfood field and enjoying flowers. We would harvest and bunch flowers  to add to the Chagfood market garden veg shares. Then we began selling  flower shares as an optional extra, as well as proving posies for local pubs and restaurants.

Alongside so many wonderful friends who have helped with the flowers, I would like to say a special thank you to Chinnie, Ruth and Izzy, who have been the backbones of what is now Fare of the Field. 


Chinnie Kingsbury  is now starting a business growing organic medicinal herbs alongside their wonderful campsite-  

Izzy Knowles is a talented ethical clothing and dress maker.

Ruth Knowles is the mother of all mothers and we hope will remain a regular presence in the flower field…  

photograph by walter

As we are part of a community farm, the field is always a social place to be. Like the bees, people come flocking to be amongst the flowers

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